Hotel de Las Letras

Address: Calle Gran Vía, 11, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Internal floor area: 7500 sqm

Demonstration challenge: The building is located in a dense urban area: a specificity is that the building is included in the city’s heritage register and dates back to 1917. It was designed by architect Cesáreo Iradier as the home of the Count of Artaza, and was renovated for use as a hotel in 2005 by architects Virginia Figueras and Franco Corada.

The PERFORMER system give the maintenance chief’s information necessary to detect latent and abnormal consumption of electricity, gas and water. Detectors and analysers are installed at critical points of consumption, especially in the outdoor Jacuzzis, and must be working to client availability. Control of the points of intensive consumption, will help the hotel to implement energy saving measures. Since the hotel is a historic building, this system was chosen because its installation must take into account a non-intrusive rehabilitation. The challenge is to achieve 20% savings by changing occupants’ behaviour.

In addition, the hotel manager has been informed about the necessary financial information related to energy consumption: it will help her to make decisions about, for example, the use of function rooms which are currently out of control.