St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School

Llanedeyrn Road, Cardiff CF23 9DT, United Kingdom
Internal floor area: About 3500 sqm

Demonstration challenge: Improve the potential of building to automatically manage itself with a view to:

  • (i) achieving energy savings by powering down unoccupied rooms – a common problem in buildings such as this where many rooms have occasional use, and staff/pupils do not have control over local systems.
  • (ii) ensuring sensor and system resilience in an environment where controls can be easily tampered with. Also a 50kW roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panel system and a biomass boiler for space heating are present in the building; the system needs to manage energy from these systems in addition to grid supplies.

Multiple sensors will be used to assess a wide range of parameters including: occupation of rooms, lighting, temperature, ventilation and energy generation from the solar PV and biomass boiler systems. These parameters will produce a model, which will allow assessment and control of the building’s energy performance on a continuous basis.

In March 2014 thermal envelope testing was carried out in a small section of the school while it was unoccupied for a week. The school makes an excellent test facility as almost every room has temperature sensors installed and the data is collected through the BMS. Further monitoring will be undertaken during the deployment phase of the PERFORMER hardware/software through this monitoring will be carried out in the background while the school is operational.

Actual energy data of the demonstration site can be found on Carbon Culture.

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