WOOPA office building

Energy efficient buildings & guaranteed energy performance
Address: Woopa, 10 Avenue des Canuts – 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin
Internal floor area: About 11,000 sqm

Demonstration challenge: Evaluate the magnitude of electricity use in office buildings.The main interest is to demonstrate PERFORMER’s capability to provide fast and accurate energy-related answers for the facility manager. In particular, the coupling between NIALMS (Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring System) and the BEMS (or any other additional sensors inside the building) will be also investigated. The extension of NIALMS to other uses (such as the gas consumption) in office buildings will also be explored.
Fault Detection and Diagnosis will another key component of the analysis deployed and tested on the Woopa building.

The office building WOOPA is occupied by 4 design offices (QuadriPlus group) : COGECI, KATENE, ETAMINE, PROCOBAT and a bank. KATENE was in charge of the design office. ETAMINE was the design office in charge of the HQE certification of the building. WOOPA building main characterization:
• 500 users,
• 11 000m²,
• 7 floors,
• Year of the construction : 2011,
• WOOPA building is a BEPOS (NZEB) building,
• Centralized heating systems,
• BEMS TREND: 320 data recorded every 15 min.

The building’s users’ behaviour is key:
• As their behaviour can have a negative impact on the building’s performance, they cannot access the building’s thermal system. The lighting system is smart, self-monitored and adapt the “artificial” lighting according to the natural light.
• Return On Investment has never been the purpose as co-owners’ prerogative is to achieve and maintain a zero carbon level : occupants and owners strive to maintain the building’s good energy performance level, which means that they also have to make some “sacrifices” like maintaining the indoor temperature at 19 °C, what they find quite uncomfortable in winter.

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