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PERFORMER completes the last project workshop

PERFORMER completes the last project workshop

A series of workshops have been organised during the project in cooperation with SIG members and other key stakeholder groups. The objective of these workshops was to promote a bidirectional information flow between PERFORMER and the workshop participants relating to the exploitation potential of PERFORMER achievements and results.

In order to obtain a balanced EU perspective on exploitation opportunities, the workshops were organised in different countries by partners in Spain, Poland, the UK and France.

The French Workshop was held on 13th July 2017 in Paris as a standalone event hosted by CSTB in their Paris office. The project consortium was represented by CSTB, CEA, Engie and Saint-Gobain and each of them was responsible for specific presentations of work achieved during the project. The objective of the workshop was to communicate project objective and obtain participant feedback on emerging outcomes. Following an initial presentation on the background of PERFORMER, focus was directed on the work led by the French teams, in particular relating to the following topics: –

  • Innovative methods for in-situ measurement of the envelope thermal insulation
  • Comparison between expected and actual energy performance
  • Energy performance monitoring and improvement in operation
  • Innovative methods for electric consumption measurement by usage

In total, 32 external participants were registered and 16 actually came to the event. A further 8 project participants were in attendance to co-organise, present and engage in workshop activities.

The audience represented a variety of stakeholders from design teams to building operators. The various profiles therefore gave the project an opportunity to obtain feedback on the proposed PERFORMER solutions from most disciplines involved in building performance. Feedback was gathered on a range of topics throughout the workshop. Particular focus was placed on how the PERFORMER solution could be adapted to both the French national policies on energy and the various needs of buildings stakeholders. The main outcomes and lessons learnt from the workshop will be available in Deliverable 6.5 Community Building and Liaison Activities published on the project website in September 2017.

In conclusion, this workshop has allowed participants to share their need for solutions which are adapted for use in high performance buildings and this translated to a strong interest for the proposed PERFORMER solutions. One of the first items needed to raise the market readiness of the PERFORMER solutions is to integrate them in a service proposal oriented towards national contexts, such as the energy performance guarantee framework in France.

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