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PERFORMER goes for market success! Who may support this process?

PERFORMER goes for market success! Who may support this process?

Who belongs to the most important PERFORMER target groups?

The happy ending of the PERFORMER project is coming so project partners identified the most important target groups which represent in general PERFORMER industrial partners and end-users.

The first group includes professionals involved in the fields of energy retrofitting, ICT, and facility management from Europe, and beyond. Also standardisation organizations are in the PERFORMER area of interest, thus efforts were made to interact with their members. All dissemination activities were undertaken with the objective to establish a collaboration framework between the ICT, the construction, and the energy sectors.

The second group is the one represented by the PERFORMER end-users/clients.  The results of recent analysis proved that PERFORMER solution might be used in a variety of buildings: schools, hotels, office building and others, providing owners of these buildings with significant and promising savings.

It means that the potential end-users of PERFORMER are as follow:

  • Public clients, such as local and regional authorities which are in charge of schools, hospitals, public office buildings, social houses etc.
  • Local Authority Energy Department with task of overseeing operational buildings
  • Large private companies and managers, such as hotel chains, large developers, malls management companies, companies with large office buildings, retail companies etc.
  • Facilities (maintenance teams, M&E engineers) and facility managers
  • Building Managers and private building owners (residential, commercial etc.)
  • Energy Consultancies
  • ESCOs
  • Editors of BMS or commissioning software tools
  • Engineering companies providing consultancy in energy performance management
  • BMS Contractors

What may encourage the target groups to implement PERFORMER solution?

There are several reasons encouraging the targets groups to implement PERFORMER in their buildings or include this system into catalogue of products and services offered to the end-users. First of all, building owners look for additional energy savings, especially that energy is more and more expensive. But this is not the only reason for increasing popularity of the BEMS and EMS systems. It is also worth noting that companies and people responsible for buildings energy try to meet expectations of the building user, using these innovative technologies in order to establish the baseline in buildings, identify consumption peaks or hourly consumption and control loop regulations anomaly. Therefore, motivation of the experts and building owners to implement innovative solutions such as PERFORMER is multidimensional. The following picture presents the most important factors which have impact on the customers decisions and should be taken into account while the commercialization strategy is being prepared.

Who can support cooperation with the most important target groups?

There are many secondary target groups for PERFORMER in Europe that could be useful to access the primary/ main target groups mentioned above, such as:

  • Consulting firms and energy consumption management companies
  • ESCOs
  • Institutions of Building Services Engineers
  • The Smart Building Alliances
  • Energy contracting companies
  • Trade associations (e.g. USH for building owners in social housing)
  • National and International regulatory bodies
  • Regional councils and alliances

The most important advantage of services offered by the secondary groups is their strong cooperation with key industrial partners working in building and cities. Thus, they are able to undertake lobbing activities which may be very good opportunity for successful promotion of PERFORMER. What is more, energy savings companies (ESCOs) and energy consultants would probably like to be able to offer PERFORMER within their services portfolio, which is very promising due to the growing popularity of the services offered by these bodies.

Members of the secondary target groups represent the services industry and have produced a lot of guidance and recommendations documents over the years. They are widely trusted and referred to by practitioners. Moreover, some of them enforce building regulations, including energy standards. They are also interested in driving forward industry, providing professional support to members, representing trade interests, etc.

Sometimes, mission of the secondary target groups is to develop and disseminate economical, energy efficient and healthy technology for mechanical services of building. For this reason, they offer a good opportunity for dissemination advantages of PERFORMER solution. What is more, they serve its members and the field of building engineering (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) by facilitating knowledge exchange, supporting the development of related EU policies and their national level implementation. Public and regulatory bodies often are involved in activities aimed at increasing awareness among companies which represent energy industry.

Having this in mind, the PERFORMER consortium should cooperate with as many companies as it is possible. Taking into account the results of our analysis, it seems that the strong cooperation may be a crucial factor for achieving market success and effective promoting PERFOMER solution which is dedicated to wide range of experts and end-users who try to make buildings more energy efficient.

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