Project objectives

The main objective of the PERFORMER project is to develop, install and finally assess energy and environmental benefits of an innovative integrated concept for the monitoring and evaluation of building energy performance, towards energy performance guarantee.

PERFORMER’s global strategy translates into in a set of Scientific & Technical Objectives, which are described below.


The project technological objectives are:

  • To devise a holistic building energy monitoring methodology that factors in appropriate energy performance indicators, information models, and simulation tools, to achieve building energy performance targets.
  • To specify and assemble a configurable prototype “Energy Instrumentation Kit” to be used to establish energy performance accounts during operation and retrofit / post-retrofit stages.
  • To specify, adapt / integrate and deliver a comprehensive framework for in situ assessment of building intrinsic performance of the envelop.
  • To specify and prototype a secure and PERFORMER (monitored) data storage and simulation facility that can be hosted either in-house (on a local server) or outsourced and ported on a cloud / high performance computing infrastructure.

Processes & demonstration

The project processes and demonstration objectives are:

  • To stress test (i) the “Energy instrumentation kit in a box”, (ii) the Energy Simulation Environment, and (iii) the data storage and computing infrastructure in the context of the four selected demonstration projects, identifying limitations and areas of improvements for further refinement and consolidation.
  • To test and validate the holistic building energy monitoring methodology in the context of each selected demonstration project articulating common attributes as well as general and unique features with a view of ensuring scalability and EU wide application.
  • To locate the proposed methodology within the procurement path and project delivery lifecycle applicable within each participating country.
  • To establish a live repository of historic and real-time monitored data of the demonstration buildings accessible using a simple interface / functionality for testing and validation/assessment purposes.

Assessment, replication & concept awareness

The project assessment, replication and concept awareness objectives are:

  • To deliver knowledge transfer and embedding related activities, via the elaboration of a PERFORMER replication guide, to ensure results uptake by industry across Europe.
  • To initiate adapted CPD (Continual Professional Development) training courses to pave the way to a new generation of energy responsible and aware skilled building professionals in the field of building energy capable of addressing / implementing EU and national energy reduction targets.
  • To actively participate in standardisation activities at international (for example CEN TC 350, ISO TC 59 SC 17 and 14) and national levels (for instance Part L in the UK) exploiting existing EU channels.